Surprising Closet Designs Ideas For Your Home To Have Now 23
Surprising Closet Designs Ideas For Your Home To Have Now 23

37 Surprising Closet Designs Ideas For Your Home To Have Now

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Today, people and families own and have more than ever before. From linens to kitchen goods, you need a place to store it all. Most homes have a significant amount of closet space but not many people know how to take advantage of what they have. They may invest in storage space or move their cars out onto the driveway and use their garage. Effective closet design can make life a little easier, and even help you pare down the clutter and junk you don’t need. Here are a few ways design tips for the novice organizer that can help keep your closets free.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to start organizing a full closet of clothes, the first place to start is investing in the right hangers. There are a lot of different designs to choose from. Instead of buying the typical round plastic type, look for thin hangers with texture such as felt. These will help twice as many clothes fit in the same amount of space and help keep them on their hangers when you’re looking for something to wear. There are also hangers designed to layer. You can layer button down shirts, pants, or keep suits together.

Kitchen cabinets are notorious for being cluttered and messy. Closet design for a pantry or cabinets can help you better organize what you have so you can maximize storage space. For spices, it’s hard to see what you have when they’re all on a single level. A good way to maximize space and visibility are lazy susans. That way, you can spin around and always see what you have. You can also try step shelves so you can see everything at a glance. For dry goods, too many boxes can make you feel overwhelmed. Certain dry goods are also sensitive to moisture. Your mother probably had Tupperware. Today, you have a lot of options when it comes to storage containers. Organize them in such a way that what you use the most is easiest to access. You can also invest in new ideas to store pots and pans. Display them in a rack on your wall or over your kitchen island or stove.

Then you’ve got your storage closets. Closet design will be most important in these cases. Here is where you might want to invest in movable shelving. What makes this more effective as a design is you can customize your closet at any time. Make sure that you have containers that keep things clean and dust free. You can also invest in space bags. These bags can store more linens or extra clothes more effectively by removing the air in the bag and reducing the bag down to a fraction of the space. Again, it’s always important to keep what you access and use in a more convenient place than those things that you store.


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