Adorable Entryway Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces To Try Asap 30
Adorable Entryway Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces To Try Asap 30

31 Adorable Entryway Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces To Try Asap

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Do you live in a small home or apartment and space is limited? Maybe you’ve downsized or it’s your first home. For whatever reason, here are some space saving decorating tips for smaller living spaces.

Furniture: Use multi-use pieces that have double-duty.

Use hidden storage such as decorative boxes, coffee tables and ottomans that are also storage units, tables with drawers or shelves. Store extra blankets in ottoman.

Purchase a sofa-sleeper or futon

Maximize vertical space

Use bookshelves, shelving, and taller furniture pieces

Closet storage units are a wonderful way to use space efficiency.

Raise the bed and use storage units underneath.

Scale of furniture

Proportion is important. Not too small, too big, or too much furniture.
Choose major pieces of furniture first and build around them.

Use slim rockers, open-back chairs and a simple sofa or loveseat rather than overstuffed furnishings that overpower the space.

Pick pieces with exposed legs.

Keep it simple

Reduce clutter.

Less is more; keep accessories to a minimum.

Keep it light

Add lighting at different levels around the room – floor lamps, table lamps, and ceiling lights.

Use light color on the walls (soft and monochromatic colors).

Light and brightly colored walls are more reflective, which helps to maximize the effect created by natural light. Cooler colors (green/blues) recede; warmer colors (yellow, red) close in a room.

Paint one wall a focal color

Keep the ceiling lighter in color than the walls.

Add mirrors to walls (dining room, hallway, entryway), shelving units, group mirrors together on a wall and create a focal point or interesting configuration. A large mirror will reflect light around the room. Mirrors also reflect both natural and artificial light and make a room brighter during the day and night; mirrors will bounce the light deep into to the room, making it appear larger. Glass-front or mirrored cabinet doors make spaces feel large and uncluttered.

Add window treatments: sheers or top treatments only to windows.

Pick a pattern

Pick a fabric pattern as a focal point and build around those colors and pattern.

You can mix a lot of textures together easier than a lot of patterns

Define and divide your space

Create space by painting different areas of the same room different colors, by installing louvered doors or screens, room dividers, or hanging curtains.

When arranging furniture, be aware of traffic patterns. All traffic should flow uninterrupted through the room. Make sure there’s enough moving and living space between items. Place the largest piece on the largest wall and facing the focal point. Then create a conversation area. Please a side chair on each side of the sofa or loveseat and place the coffee table where it can be reached from all three sitting places.


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