Inspiring Wooden Furniture Ideas For Your Outdoor Spaces To Try 31
Inspiring Wooden Furniture Ideas For Your Outdoor Spaces To Try 31

33 Inspiring Wooden Furniture Ideas For Your Outdoor Spaces To Try

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It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, the idea of heading to a log cabin in the winter hits the heart of most. Be it a cabin in Maine, Alaska, Georgia, or Texas, across the sea to Ireland or England, no matter where you are headed, to be tucked away in a log cabin during the cold months, even if just for a weekend, is something to look forward to. There is something comforting about all the wood that surrounds you, like old world living, when the houses, furniture, everything was made from wood, makes you feel like you stepped back in time for your holiday.

Maybe you own a rustic log cabin you go and visit seasonally, or you just like renting them for holiday weekends. Maybe your parents or grandparents own one up north but they travel south for the winter leaving it for you to visit during all the fall and winter holiday weekends. Or how about those who just loved the feel of holidays in their rented log cabins that they sold their homes in the city to live in a rustic log cabin for good. It’s not just the cabin that gives you that warm feel that makes you want to return year and year again; it’s everything, the wooden beds and tables, wooden chairs and counter tops, the rustic country feel.

People have lived in rustic log cabins with rustic wooden furniture since our first president George Washington in the 1700’s and maybe even well before. Adding special personal touches like wooden lounge chairs and side tables to your log cabin can help you create your own rustic cozy log home. Bring in wooden chairs, tables; wooding dining sets, even wooden benches along where the window is in the living area is a nice touch. Layer the chairs and benches with pillows and throw blankets and place them all around the fireplace in the living room. Adding lots of reds, greens, plaids, and forest features will turn your modern beautiful wooden furniture into a rustic country cabin feel.

Having a log cabin year round is great too, once the spring hits and the flowers start blooming bring your wooden lounge chairs outdoors on your patio and you can relax all day. A cup of hot cocoa in the winter and a glass of iced tea in the summer, rocking away on your wooden rocking chair listening to the birds sing, this can be done year round. In the summer with flip flops or winter with a heavy coat, hat, and gloves, resting in the wooden porch swing with all the beauty the country side has to offer.

And if you were not lucky enough to own or rent a wooden log cabin, but you love the feel, who says you can’t create on in your own home. Remember, lots of wooden furniture is the first key, then country accents such as pillows, blankets, lamps, and maybe a cast iron stove. You can have your wooden cabin feel in your city home.


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