Magnificient Winter Living Room Decorating Ideas To Try Right Now 33
Magnificient Winter Living Room Decorating Ideas To Try Right Now 33

34 Magnificient Winter Living Room Decorating Ideas To Try Right Now

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Whether it’s due to the mid-winter blues or spring fever, there are times when we all take a look at our living rooms and go, “Ugh! This living room needs a makeover!” When that happens to you, the good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a change. Here are five easy and inexpensive tips that will give your living room a fresh look.

Curtain Up: Changing or adding curtains is an easy way to transform the look of any room. With so many ready-to-hang options in different price ranges, you can have one look for fall and winter and a different one for spring and summer.

Pillow Talk: Decorative throw pillows are great for adding splashes of color. Try to find pillows that come with zippered coverings. This way, you can change the coverings to match the feel of each new season, or color coordinate the pillows to match the colors of an upcoming holiday.

Get Framed: Art galleries know that they need to regularly change the pictures they exhibit if they want to keep the interest of their customers. You can do the same to keep your living room fresh. Create a space on a wall for your family’s treasured pictures, and then change the “exhibit” from time to time. A fun thing to do is to create themes, such as the 1970’s or your favorite vacations or holiday memories. You can even mount an exhibit of your children’s art.

Mirror Image: Adding a mirror is yet another easy way to give your living room a new look, literally. Mirrors can make a small space look larger and give emphasis to a work of art or a pretty view. And don’t forget to house your new mirror in an attractive frame, since that will also contribute to your room’s new look.

Flower Power: When it comes to making changes, there’s no better teacher than Mother Nature. A pretty vase filled with seasonal flowers is a simple yet beautiful way to keep your living room looking fresh and vibrant.


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